& Samuca Do Acordeao

Technical documentation:

Samuca do Acordeon – accordion
Ricardo Herz – violin
Novos Rumos (2015)
Samuca do Acordeon is a rising star in the world of accordion, leveraging virtuosic technique and effortless fluency in accordion traditions.  Ricardo Herz is a violin revolution-in-the-making with his unparalleled originality, charm and swing.  At the first meeting, their musical connection was instantaneous and the resulting album is a force of sophisticated arranging, flowing improvisation, and daring rhythmic flare.  Repertoire include original compositions and reworking of lesser-known tunes in a variety of styles, including fluttering choro, driving forró, chamamé and tango from the south of Brazil, as well as spontaneous, haunting improvisations.
This project was the recipient of a prestigious Rumos Música Coletivo award from Itaú Cultural that supports original collaborations among musicians.