Ricardo Herz Trio

Technical documentation:

Ricardo Herz – violin
Michi Ruzitschka – 7-string guitar
Pedro Ito – drums & percussion
Ricardo Herz has reinvented the violin.  With unparalleled originality, charm and swing, he has captured the irrepressible spirit of Brazil and revolutionized the voice of the violin in popular music.  

Performing together since 2001, the Ricardo Herz Trio brings sophisticated compositions, technical virtuosity, polyrhythmic conversation, and dynamic stage presence to audiences around the world.  The Trio has been featured in international jazz and world music festivals, and performed as soloists with a number of orchestras.
Torcendo a Terra (2017)
Aqui é o meu Lá (2012)
International Festival and concert performances:  (partial list)
Jazz Ahead Festival (Germany)
Womex – The World Music Expo (Greece)
Skopje Jazz Festival (Macedonia)
Miri Jazz Festival (Malaysia)
Festival and concert performances in Brazil:  
Festival Jazz e Blues de Guaramiranga, CE
Festival Villa Lobos do Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Festival Jazz e Blues de Manguinhos, ES
Orquestra Municipal de João Pessoa
Orquestra Municipal de Jundiaí
Orquestra Experimental de Ourinhos
Orquestra do Estado do Mato Grosso
Press acclaims:

“… the album seriously competes as one of the best Brazilian instrumental releases of the year.”  

Irineu Franco PerpétuoGuia da Folha – Folha de São Paulo – July 28, 2012


“One of the most inspired releases on the instrumental music scene this year.”

Eduardo Tristão GirãoEstado de Minas – July 27, 2012


Ricardo is one of best players lately, plays for real.  It’s a great incentive for Brazilian music, even more because, in addition to being a great musician, he has a unique ‘sauce’ while playing forró on the violin.”

Dominguinhos (legendary forró accordionist)

“Full of sensibility and virtuosity, swing and lyricism, Ricardo Herz is leading the charge in making Brazilian violin history!  Everything with lots of musicality, and the strongest mark of his personality when he goes onstage:  charm! Darling of the public and critics!”

Hamilton de Holanda (10-string mandolin virtuoso)

Violino Popular Brasileiro [Brazilian Popular Violin] is a more-than-perfect title for the CD by Ricardo Herz.  With refined technique, he passes through baião, forró –sometimes as if he were playing the rabeca [a folkloric Brazilian fiddle]–, sambas, chorinhos & canções— with authority and absolute intimacy from someone who, indeed, knows Brazil.”

Edu Lobo (legendary Brazilian composer)

“It’s frightening that the rich Brazilian music universe has generated so few great specialists in the violin, a versatile instrument so central to western history.  It’s also frightening, on the other hand, without this long tradition on its back, that here in São Paulo emerged one of the world’s greatest popular music violinists, Ricardo Herz.”

André DominguesDiário do Comércio – São Paulo – June 26, 2012

“Brazilian music, his specialty, is represented here magnificently with originality, thanks to his grand talent as a violinist.”

Didier Lockwood (legendary French jazz violinist/educator)